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Can I/Should I Commune?

Text Box: Concordia Lutheran Church 
Steamboat Springs, Colorado

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Please prayerfully consider the following before participating in the Lordís Supper at Concordia


What† do you believe Communion is?

 Lutherans believe that the Lordís Supper is a participation in the body and blood of Jesus Christ (1 Cor. 10:16).  We believe that the body and blood of Jesus are actually present in, with and under the bread and wine distributed in Holy Communion.  Each communicant receives the bread and the wine in a natural way which is the actual body and blood of Jesus in a supernatural way.†  

Are you prepared?

 Before attending communion, you should prepare yourself† for receiving the precious gift of the Lordís Supper. 

†††††††††††† How can I prepare myself?


 We can prepare ourselves through self-examination.† We must believe and recognize that we are sinful.† We must understand and know that the forgiveness of our sins is a gift which was given to us when Jesus died for us and for our sins.† He sacrificed and freely gave His holy, precious body and blood for us.†† It is not by works or what we have done, can do, or will do.† We must try to live our lives daily as Jesus would have us live, recognizing our sins, asking for forgiveness, and believing that Christís body and blood are given to us in the Holy Sacrament of Communion for the forgiveness of our sins.

If you arenít sure about your answers or if you have questions about what we believe, teach and confess about the Lordís Supper, please see our pastor or an elder before joining us in Holy Communion


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