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Time is money for almost any firm … but specifically for any law firm or solo practitioner. For a supplier of legal expert services, yours is actually a enterprise with primarily preset expenditures – you hire a lot of proficient persons, and just how a great deal profit you make relies on how very well you use their time on shopper get the job done. Preserve utilization and billability superior, plus your firm can make superb income. Let it slip far too minimal, as well as your firm commences bleeding income.

Timesheet program, often known as time tracking or time administration computer software, helps law companies track and monthly bill their time. Due to the fact time is, really virtually, funds for the legal expert services service provider, then it is actually evident that selecting the best timesheet resolution is actually a crucial firm decision.

Timesheets to spice up your earnings

While using the suitable timesheet solution, a law firm can drastically improve its income. Powerful time administration boosts a law firm’s profits in numerous means, which include:

  • Billing extra with the time you spend on shopper function
  • Scheduling the best assets to the perform
  • Charging the appropriate fee in all instances
  • Scoping and pricing its tasks much better

Timesheets to manage your expenditures

Appear at the income and reduction (P&L) statement of a typical authorized practice, and it quickly becomes apparent that employee expenditures make up the vast majority in their cost structure. Choosing the proper timesheet system enables a law firm to control its expenditures by

  • Catching scope creep or project administration issues early
  • Reducing the opportunity cost of time spent on unbillable activities
  • Understanding how its internal practices (e.g. meetings) impact on staff utilisation
  • Reducing the overhead and administration associated with managing time

Are you still using spreadsheets to observe your time?

If so, you wouldn’t be the only one. It’s frightening how many professional service firms still use spreadsheet time monitoring. Sure, it really is an easy way to get started but as your firm enterprise grows the problems escalate and you end up wasting billable time across the firm – billable staff take longer to fill in their time, admin staff have to consolidate and re-enter data, the finance team is forever sending out new spreadsheet versions together with the latest job codes, and management has to do their own spreadsheet analysis to get the data they need in the ideal format. Don’t you need a proper time tracking option?

These days there are many powerful timesheets for lawyers that are easy to use, cost efficient, and accessible from anywhere via the internet. You’ll be amazed simply how much time you save on admin alone, let alone the significant benefits that can come from understanding and managing your billable time far more effectively.

Find the appropriate timesheet remedy for your legal firm

For an extensive list of options to consider, see our timesheet software program directory.

Alternatively, see below for the shortlist of great online timesheets for lawyers. Most vendors offer free trials, so we encourage you to click through and test them out for yourself. Usability matters enormously (and preferences can vary from person to person, or firm to firm) so make sure you seem at how a option does something as nicely as what it does.

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